Billionaire and investor surpasses the richest men in the world

The billionaire and president of Burjaltharwa Gerardo Sierra, investor around the world, has debuted as one of the great shareholders in many of the industrial sectors. He has managed to surpass in this last year 2022 the richest men in the world, as the richest man in private and decentralized markets.

The tycoon and businessman, managed to make his fortune rise after the great company IRAIC founded by him, which for more than 20 years has formed and with great growth that has been exponentializing throughout the world; through which it has increased the income of partners with great active participation, in addition to the income of small, medium and large companies that seek to transcend the local and international market, achieving greater visibility and positioning of their products and services.

Its greatest strategy is that it is the leader of the decentralized world markets.

The investor opened the way to a new investment exchange, based on real businesses on a platform called, in which investors and companies join daily, joining the great IRAIC ecosystem, where it works through investments in Iraic currency of exchange in the currency required by the investor. The investments managed by the users are directed in the various market sectors of the list of companies affiliated with the business group.

In this measure, each investor receives a sum of monthly dividends from the product of their investment with capital insured and backed 100% by the company and international banking entities such as Burj AltharwaBanco BursatilBank of ArabianBank of BorwaManama BankHebrewbank, among other.

The great boom and acceptance that IRAIC companies have had in the world is highlighted, as a change and restructuring of a new economy with a different approach that transcends schemes never seen before, managing to curb the impact that the economy has had as a consequence of the covid 19 pandemic, high inflation, deficiencies for land and sea transportation of raw materials and products, commercial shortages, among other factors that unbalance the market.

In recent days it was reported that the businessman had made investments of some US$5 billion in recent months in the launch of decentralized banks, among them the alliance and investment aimed at helping ethnic groups stands out, giving birth to the first indigenous bank with world vision such as Etniobank, in addition to investments in new companies in the industrial sectors of agriculture, livestock, energy, education, finance, banking, commerce, health, sports.

Among the main companies belonging to the business group are ColtecomMilegis ConsultingGranja TerapéuticaGenesis LaboratoriosJaruffem PlussBanco BursatilManama BankHebrew BankBank of BorwaBank of ArabianBurj AltharwaTareqat almalEsierra BankProveedor de SaludIraic Bank.

Additionally, they support IRAIC member companies, in which Doña PanelaCotasFesiaFluvicar.

Published by Emirates Herald, news and information agency.

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