Coltecom announced expansion and stated that around 4 million companies already use its services

Coltecom, a technology company specializing in quantum technology and creator of the SCframework  in alliance with Hewlett Packard for enterprise solutions on Integrity servers, announced its intention to exponentially increase its presence in the global market, where it already serves over 4 million companies. According to the company’s report, in 2023, they achieved sales exceeding $7.1 billion.

During 2023, Coltecom received $1.73 billion in investment for research and development, enabling it to advance its expansion plans in several countries, primarily in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, Colombia, and Panama.

They plan to increase their market share by diversifying their portfolio with the Private and Decentralized SME Stock Exchange, IRAIC.

“Thanks to our continuous growth, we’ve managed to create approximately 8,300 new jobs globally and establish ourselves in the sector, capturing a 10% share of the global market and ending 2023 with sales exceeding $7.1 billion,” said Rafael Rios, Coltecom Partner for Latin America.

Currently, Coltecom’s technology is used in companies across various sectors including Government, Finance and Banking, Mining, Industry, and Transportation, among others. Some companies using Coltecom’s quantum technology and development include Iraic, Burj Altharwa, FTI, HP, Banco Bursatil, Force Tower, Agri Business, NASA, Pentagono AI, among others. Additionally, it operates in 51 countries.

According to a report by Tech Analytics, Coltecom is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 37% in Latin America between 2024 and 2026, translating to sales of approximately $509 billion.

“With over 4 million companies using Coltecom’s technology worldwide, the growth has been impressive, with an increase of over 200% in the last 3 years. This has fostered a strong community that has embraced the new technology, contributing to the success of businesses and the development of the economy, promoting service delivery,” said Gerardo Sierra, creator of SCframework  technology and founder of Coltecom.

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