Financial education consists of developing initiatives aimed at familiarizing all people with reference to financial processes, so that the financial decisions of individuals are adopted from a sphere of greater knowledge in the financial products and services that best suit their needs. needs.

The IRAIC company emerged with the idea of ​​serving as a good-generating tool for economic transformation for all individuals and companies that want to take their business projects or current companies forward, in addition to improving their financial services, focusing on what are the schemes in economic decline, thus providing a clear and precise guide to the most relevant aspects of the financial system in terms of the market, which can promote the different products and services offered by it, and be a basis for savings, sustenance, financing and investment for its structural and financial development.

For this, the IRAIC company, after having carried out a market study of the companies in particular, initiates the linking processes with the member subsidiaries of the business group; through which they can have easy access to the support group of advisors and investors specialized in the processes carried out.

Each company is represented and supported by a large group of international banking, financial and investment corporations such as: Burj AltharwaBanco BursatilBank of ArabianBank of BorwaManama BankHebrew BankEtnio BankForce Tower CapitalFTIESierra BankBanco para NiñosBank for ChildrenTrade Art TokyoUSA International Corp, Stapp, which accredit the investment processes to which each company allocates its investment and reinvestment capital in the different corresponding industrial and economic sectors of according to your needs.

Currently, the world has presented an economic stagnation affecting most of the countries, which has caused many conflicts, especially financial, in response to this the banks have raised their high interest rates trying to balance the economy that only achieves financial relief in the short term, while inflation is added to the high prices of products, services and raw materials, among other factors that could activate the world economic recession. In this line, IRAIC slows down and prevents economic decline, generating transformational changes for each step it takes, consolidating much more in the low structural indices for growth indices and economic reactivation.

Finally, IRAIC opens the paths towards an economy with more projection, structuring and balancing all the economic processes that lead to a functional economy, regulating the harmonization of schemes executed by companies or investors that are directly part of IRAIC. In this way, the exponentialization, global visibility and financial health of these entities is achieved.

The IRAIC company invites you to enter the great ecosystem through these links,, where you can review all this information in more detail, or send an email to, so that one of the consultants can help.

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