The multinational IRAIC, an investment company, presents a strategic model that adjusts to the needs of the person or company, offering the opportunity for a comprehensive internal and external change, according to the type of market and socioeconomic environment.

The company has been working and researching for more than 25 years, supporting more than 4,700 companies and more than 22,000 investors who carry out their processes in the great IRAIC ecosystem, being this the only promoter in business and economic development that is open to the transformational change that It is not limited, going beyond barriers and the economy to higher levels to accelerate the rapid structural and financial growth that gives stability to a company or business.

Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors and bankers around the world enjoy efficient results with continuous growth of their assets in the IRAIC ecosystem. There are 19 different well-defined economic sectors, generating operational peace of mind and legal security for each business niche. Among the main sectors are agriculture, livestock, mining, energy, education, finance, banking, commerce, health, and sports.

The IRAIC methodology is 100% designed to multiply the assets of people or companies, promoting the growth of the value chain, binding all members and linking them with direct participation in the final sale in all commercial operations of the ecosystem.


How to take part?

Being part of the IRAIC ecosystem requires passing a validation process. All types of businesses are welcome for verification. From independent traders, PYMES, to large entrepreneurs. IRAIC opens the doors to an integrated, productive, decent and orderly community, in which you can interact with others similar to you, with your same challenges and interests.

The IRAIC company invites you to enter the great ecosystem through these links,, where you can review all this information in more detail, or send an email to, so that one of the consultants can help.

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