Dubai, ranked as the second most attractive city in the world for emigrating and working

Mexico City, Dubai and Valencia emerge as the top choices for those seeking to settle abroad for improved job prospects and an enriched quality of life, according to the Expat City Ranking.

The report highlights expatriates’ preferred destinations, recognizing them for their favorable environment for integration. Following Mexico City is Lisbon, with Madrid in fifth place. Bangkok takes the sixth position, followed by Basel, Melbourne, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore, rounding up the top ten.

These destinations not only ensure an excellent quality of life abroad but also streamline administrative procedures, facilitating expatriates’ adaptation to their new environment. From efficient healthcare services to a solid infrastructure for housing and education, these cities offer a conducive environment for settling and growing overseas.

The bottom three positions in the ranking are occupied by Frankfurt, Paris, and Johannesburg, due to financial concerns and administrative hurdles that make life difficult for expatriates. The study advises those considering migration to thoroughly research entry conditions, job opportunities, and employment possibilities.

Published by Emirates Herald, a news and information agency.

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