This exhibition complements an event of importance to the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world. Encountering never-before-seen space technology and seeing humanity’s home in outer space, the visitor’s journey begins in the depths of our solar system. Paying tribute to the inspiring Emirates Mars Mission project that saw the Hope probe successfully enter Mars orbit last year,

The Museum of the Future was presented to the world, a new scientific landmark that seeks to be a platform to study the future, science and research, trends mainly in the scientific, humanitarian and global development sectors. This creation has been described as one of the most creative and innovative constructions in the world, extraordinarily mixing science, architecture and art.

The artistic design is a magnificent work of engineering, it is shaped like a human eye, representing both current knowledge and the vision of the future. Its construction reaches 77 meters in height distributed over 7 floors and without internal columns. The façade, whose installation period took around 18 months, is made of stainless steel and glass and consists of 1,024 separate panels, each specially created by robots and algorithms. The number of panels has its own meaning, since it represents the kilobyte, the basic unit of the digital information storage system and, in turn, each one of them is equivalent to 1,024 bytes.

Windows written in Arabic illuminate the interior during the day and, at night, illuminate the city’s iconic skyline with 14 kilometers of energy-saving and resource-efficient LED lights.

It features passive solar architecture through its extraordinary façade, as well as low energy and water consumption engineering solutions with integrated renewable capabilities. In fact, the building is powered by 4,000 megawatts of solar energy.

The Museum of the Future seeks to differentiate itself from traditional museums because it seeks, “To be a living museum” that represents human imagination, creativity and innovation, in addition to “Being a rejuvenated museum” that is in frequent change and enriching its exhibitions through the latest technological advances and scientific ideals in the world.

In the development of its services to the public, the Museum of the Future uses the most recent technologies of augmented reality and virtual reality, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction. It will provide your visitors with great experiences. experiences in which they constantly wonder about the future.

The museum also offers a platform to display and test the innovations of the world’s leading companies in development and advances in the technology sector. The Usa Herald reported.

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