In Dubai, the Global Village has opened deals for restaurants and cafes for the upcoming 27 season, with kiosks and street food carts invited to register on its online platform.

The Global Village, dubbed the “wonder you can taste,” brings together regional and international cuisines in a mix of destination dining options from different cultures.

Millions of guests benefit from the best gastronomic experiences from all corners of the world every season, in the more than 200 restaurants, cafes and street food kiosks, offering unique culinary adventures. In season 27, the park will host innovative new concepts with truly varied flavors and celebrate food cultures from around the world.

As reported on Thursday by the official Emirates Herald news agency, Ahmed Khidir, Global Village Senior Leasing Manager, stated that “Global Village has transformed into a ‘gourmet’ destination with one of the most varied offerings in the region.

This time of year is always an exciting time as we explore new concepts with new partners. Our partners take customers on a culinary journey around the world with traditional and innovative cuisines from different cultures. We make it easy for experienced restaurateurs and new entrants alike to try these concepts. It is very rewarding when we see businesses that started in the Global Village. they have spread to other places in the region and on the planet.” Posted by Emirates Herald, news agency.


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