The railway system of the United Arab Emirates shares impressive images of its new 40-meter-high viaduct.

This milestone is part of the national mega-project aimed at strengthening connections across the country. The Al Bithnah bridge in Fujairah, spanning over 600 meters and towering 40 meters above the ground, becomes the tallest structure in this rapidly growing network, promoting trade and unity between Fujairah and other regions of the country. 

The construction of this key infrastructure, undertaken by around 250 workers over 19 months, underscores the UAE’s commitment to its railway expansion. This bridge joins a series of notable structures along the network, such as the Al Qudra bridge in Dubai and the maritime viaduct facilitating train access to Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi. 

Since its inauguration in February, Etihad Rail’s freight transport system has been operational, connecting all emirates and seven logistics centers. The fleet, consisting of 1,082 wagons, can transport various products, from containers to construction materials, at speeds of up to 120 km/h. 

Established in 2009, Etihad Rail continues to expand its network, currently covering 900 kilometers with a projected expansion to 1,200 kilometers upon completion. Additionally, the launch of a passenger service is anticipated, although a date for its implementation has not yet been announced.

Published by Emirates Herald, a news and information agency.

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