YouTube announces the launch of a new tool the “Super Thanks” and reaches 10 monetization tools. With this platform, content creators can earn up to US$50 for each subscriber they have on their channel. It is available in 68 locations including Colombia. The people who follow that account will be able to buy these “Super thanks” that will have a floor of 2 dollars and a ceiling of 50 dollars (with equivalent to the local currency of each country).

“This tool was designed to show your support for your favorite content creators,” they indicate from YouTube. And they add about it: “People will see a GIF in the video and a comment that highlights the purchase. Creators can mark it with a heart and a Like. Also, from now on, people will be able to personalize their Super Thank you comment.”

The company ensures that in this way “creators instantly unlock an easy and new income stream financed by fans.” “Which allows viewers to support and connect more deeply with your videos.”

Earn money through youtube

On the YouTube website they explain that “they are constantly looking for new ways to diversify creators’ sources of income.” Currently, the platform has 10 different options for monetizing content, with “Super Thanks” being the most current.

“After expanding the availability of Super Thank you today, the millions of creators who monetize their content in 68 countries can now use this feature, as well as users on desktop and mobile devices,” they noted. “Creators can enable Super Thanks in YouTube Studio to earn a new revenue stream from their videos in one click, with no additional setup or maintenance,” they continued.

What does it take to monetize on YouTube?


  • Advertising revenue: Be over the age of 18 or have a legal guardian over the age of 18 who can manage payments through AdSenseCreate content that complies with the Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines.
  • hannel memberships: Be over 18 years of age Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • Promotional Items Library: Be 18+ Have 10,000+ Subscribers.
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: Be over 18 Live in a country or region where Super Chat is available.
  • YouTube Premium revenue: Having a YouTube Premium subscriber watch content you created.

Ways to earn money in the YouTube Partner Program

  • Advertising revenue: Earn money from display, overlay and video ads.
  • Channel Memberships: Your members make recurring monthly payments in exchange for the special benefits you offer.
  • Merchandise Library: Fans can view and purchase official merchandise displayed on your watch pages.
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: Fans pay to have their messages highlighted in broadcast chats.
  • YouTube Premium Earnings: Earn a portion of YouTube Premium users’ subscription fee when they watch your content.

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