Amal Clooney, is a lawyer specialized in Human Rights and an activist, worldwide known for being George Clooney’s wife, but her work and extensive career place her in a place of honor in her field. Yesterday, June 22nd, she was in Madrid participating in the We Choose Earth Tour.

Although the main news of the world only ponder and exalt how brilliant she is professionally, the complicated causes she supports, and her elegance, the life of the successful Amal Clooney has not been easy. It was her husband precisely who denounced in October 2017 that the lawyer had suffered sexual harassment at work.

Complicated situation that lived the wife of George Clooney, although it seems impossible, what happened, since we are more than used to look at the glamorous side of Amal, because it is, in fact, one of the best dressed women of the international social scene. We also know her brilliant career as a lawyer, however, little is said about the harassment she experienced in the workplace. 

In the following year, when the #metoo movement was in full swing, arising from the revelation of sexual harassment cases by the all-powerful producer Harvey Weinstein, George Clooney raised his voice, stating “This has to stop. It’s not just happening in showbusiness, it’s everywhere. It’s not just on Fox News, it’s in Washington. My wife, who is a human rights lawyer, says she’s had to deal with that same kind of situation in the legal arena.”

The interpreter of the Ocean’s Eleven saga did not go into further details at the conference in Boston, which was attended by some 12,000 people, who would soon learn about the matter. In fact, it was her father, journalist Nick Clooney, 84, who asked Amal if she had suffered sexual harassment at work, to which she responded with a resounding yes.

The Lebanese lawyer narrated what happened before a very expectant audience, saying “I experienced it in the sense of approaches that were inappropriate and uncomfortable to manage. And I think that at that time I would not have felt comfortable talking about it because other women who were in the same situation as me were not comfortable either, something that has now changed”.

The same year, the successful lawyer traveled to the Canadian city of Toronto, where she attended an event held as part of Luminato, the Canadian city’s International Festival of the Arts, in which Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of President Justin Trudeau, also participated.

Amal Clooney moved the audience as she told her story of overcoming the challenges and how important it was to receive help to achieve it, she said “I am a refugee. If the UK government had not reached out to me when my family was fleeing the war in Lebanon, I would not have been able to grow up in a safe environment, have the education I have or do any of the things I have been able to do.

Amal caused commotion and achieved great empathy with the audience, then burst into applause, and said “I am so grateful to have had the chance to enter a country that showed compassion towards me. I wish this was happening in more places in the world”.

Contextualizing these statements, it is important to remember that a turbulent time was being experienced due to Donald Trump’s decision to separate the children of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States from their parents. Images of the situation circulating around the world. “It’s a disgrace. It’s not only illegal, it’s immoral,” said George Clooney’s wife.

Amal has not ceased in her fight in favor of women. Just a month ago at the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, she once again broke a lance in favor of equality, “Throughout my career as a lawyer, I have sought to promote women’s rights. It seems pretty obvious that this is an area worthy of attention. Whether you believe in human rights or just prosperity, it’s a good idea to try to liberate half the world’s population.”

As for their love life, about which they are not very prone to talk, in an interview they gave in September last year, George Clooney stated about the key to the success of their relationship, “It all starts with love. I think that’s the only secret to making it work. It’s been easy for us. In fact, I have a feeling that so far it’s been the easiest thing we’ve ever done in our lives. We’ve never even had an argument.”

Amal Clooney also gave her point of view on the matter, “I think meeting the right person depends 99 percent on luck. And in our case, we avoid being cynical with each other, we’re open about it. Things evolved very quickly because we weren’t hypocritical or too secretive. We didn’t hold anything back.”

Published by Emirates Herald, news and information agency.

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