The Canadian architecture company Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR) explained to the Arabian Business portal Dubai could have a lunar building of 5,000 million dollars (18,000 million dirhams) in the form of an urbanization and tourist center. Proposed and co-founded by Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson, the complex is designed to be built in 48 months and will have a total height of 735 feet (224 meters).

Luna Dubai when built is expected to add to the emirate’s economy in sectors such as education, technology, the environment, hospitality, entertainment, attractions, and space tourism, Henderson said. “It will be the largest and most successful modern tourism project within the entire MENA region, doubling annual tourist visits to Dubai based on its global appeal, brand recognition and multiple unique integrated offerings,” said Mathews and Henderson of Moon World Resorts and they added that it can “comfortably accommodate ten million annual visitors”.

The complex’s lunar surface, surrounded by a “moon colony”, is estimated to allow 2.5 million visitors a year to experience affordable space tourism in Dubai.

“ This attraction will have a significant impact on all aspects of the emirate’s economy, including transport, tourism, commercial and residential real estate, infrastructure, financial services, aviation and space, energy, MICE (tourism of meetings), agriculture, education and technology”. “It would firmly plant the UAE flag at the forefront of space exploration,” thus prompting millions of global space enthusiasts to seek out all that Dubai has to offer.

Luna Dubai will also accommodate a training platform for various space agencies and their astronauts. The resort will focus on cutting-edge architecture, engineering, design and technology. Additionally, it plans to incorporate the ‘Sky Villas’ boutique, to be known as the private residence, with luxury units housed internally within the main superstructure disc buildings. “Approximately 300 units will be available for purchase, and sky villa owners will be members of an exclusive private club,” Henderson stated.

Visitors and guests visiting Luna would be able to take advantage of a spa and wellness section, a nightclub, an events center, a global meeting place, a lounge, and an in-house “lunar shuttle,” details of which have yet to be revealed. “Recently, MWR is planning a series of global roadshows for 2023 that will showcase Luna to potential regional contractors. One of those shows will be held in the MENA region, possibly in Dubai, with other options including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait,” Henderson said.

MWR is expected to license four Luna destination resorts around the world (known as regional licenses), one each in the following regions of North America, Europe, MENA and Asia.”Once the regional license has been consummated unique to MENA and the precise location has been chosen, a one-year pre-development program will be initiated followed by a 4-year construction programme. Published by the Emirates Herald, a news and information agency.

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