Falabella breed, the smallest horses in the world.

Falabella are characterized by the proportionality of the length of the limbs and body, which is typical of riding horses, which generates fascination in people. Despite their small length, they are not the same ponies. Horses of this breed are bred all over the world, thanks to their unusual external attractiveness.

There are several versions about the history and origin of Falabella mini horses. From one of them, a herd of common horses was trapped. The cause was a landslide that blocked the passage through a deep canyon. Trapped, the animals were forced to feed on cactus, which had not obtained the necessary minerals from the soil. This affected the horses’ future development.

Thus, each new generation became smaller and smaller. As a result, a genetic change led to the emergence of small horses. One such equine was spotted by Mr. Falabella, a farmer and breeder from Argentina. He took the animal out of the canyon and brought it to his ranch, where he began breeding a new breed. The miniature specimens found were named in honor of the Argentine Falabella family.

According to another version, the idea of breeding this breed belonged to Irishman Patrick Newtall, who also lived in Argentina. He had his own herd, in which the horses were of short stature, 75 cm. It took the breeder many years to build up the herd. At the end of the 19th century, Newtall’s son-in-law, Juan Falabella, continued his work. First, the man decided to cross Shetland ponies and horses bred by his predecessor.

In order to preserve the small size of the animal, Falabella selected and introduced the smallest specimens into the breeding program. The breeder then mixed the English and Creole thoroughbred blood. Initially, the idea was not to breed a pony, but a small-sized horse. This is how the first examples of the breed appeared on the Recreo de Roca ranch in Argentina, as a result of the Falabella family’s efforts more than a century ago.

Falabella horses can have a height of 40-75 cm and a weight of 20-60 kg. The coloration of the breed is very varied. They are animals with thin legs, small hooves. The horse’s head is large, the number of ribs can be 1-2 less than in representatives of other breeds. The beauty of the animal lies in its mane and tail, as well as thin and shiny skin. The life expectancy of members of the breed is more than 40 years.

These small equines move quite freely, energetically. They are very gentle and intelligent, always showing kindness towards people. They are considered natural jumpers. They are able to overcome large obstacles and do it with great pleasure. Horses jump across the terrain, can run long distances at high speed. Members of the breed are excellent companions for their owners. They are easily trained, instantly perform all the wishes of the person.

In addition, they have a great kindness and docility. These animals become the best friends of their owner, offering him pleasure in communication. Falabella mini horses are not used for riding. However, they are perfectly suitable for light harness, as they have a lot of strength.

Often, the Falabella is used as a riding horse for children. The popularity of the small animals is astounding. Many people buy them as pets. Care and maintenance of members of this breed presents no difficulties. They need the same care as regular horses.

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