You can now purchase your own invisibility shield that really works. Every person has ever dreamed of being invisible and going unnoticed anywhere without being seen. It’s like the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter, but in plastic and it really works.

A company Invisibility Shield Co. has just released the first commercial invisibility shield. Anything you place behind it, from objects to people, becomes invisible.

Where is the magic of this invisibility shield? It’s not magic, it’s science. It is based on the classic lenticular lenses. Surely you have ever seen the 3D effect that some book covers have, or some DVD or Blu-ray movie covers, which generate a 3D image if you look at it from the front, and it becomes flat if you see it from the sides.

This invisibility shield alters light following the parameters of Snell’s Law, which calculates the angle of refraction of light when it crosses the interface between two media.

Every object has a refractive index of light, and we see it differently if the light passes through air, or another medium such as water. It is an easy effect to check: if we put a spoon in a glass full of water, we see the spoon bent. In addition, its shape changes depending on where we look from.

Invisibility Shield Co has taken advantage of all these concepts to create a material that bends light and allows blind spots to be created at a certain distance from the invisibility shield.

The shield allows you to see what is near and what is far away, but not what is in the middle distance (the object to be hidden). It works best with backgrounds with straight lines. Admittedly, it is quite effective. Reported wildwestdominio, news and information agency.

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