The separation of these 2 artists, the Colombian and the soccer player, are occupying all the information and communication media, not only since the announcement of the breakup by both with a brief statement, but also with the unknowns from this process. How will they distribute their millionaire heritage, the custody of the two children they had in common, Sasha and Milan, or on what terms will both remain for the good of their family. However, another rumor has come to light and it is the attempt that Shakira had up to twice to return with Gerard Piqué.

This was confirmed by the daily Mujeres al Día, who reports that the Colombian singer tried to recover the relationship with the soccer player again, but the union they had had already been undone. Piqué already ended the relationship, but his love for her is “blinding”, according to the media, and he hoped to get back with him. The feeling he felt was reflected in the lyrics of his songs, such as ‘Te congratulations’.

The environment that Piqué has created is new and he no longer has Shakira in his life. Before the announcement of the breakup, rumors of Piqué’s new romance “a 22-year-old blonde who is studying and works as an event hostess in Barcelona” began to spread. According to this woman, she is a friend of Riqui Puig’s girlfriend, who we assume was the one who introduced them”. A Riqui Puig who has been seen in recent weeks to have a lot of social life with the Spanish central defender and who has been the cause of said separation.

Later, it was known that Piqué had moved to his apartment in the center of Barcelona. “Piqué had wanted to separate for a long time, but Shakira did not. I cannot specify what relationship Piqué has with this girl, but what is rumored is that Shakira felt bad.”


The luxurious bachelor apartment

Meanwhile, yesterday various media took out the bachelor’s apartment in which Gerard Piqué takes refuge after the event. It is an imposing residence with three floors, a swimming pool and a terrace in the center of Barcelona. When the Catalan center-back acquired him, before starting to date Shakira, his price was valued at 4.5 million euros; a figure that will have been revalued over the years.

Obviously, this apartment is a triplex and Cesc Fàbregas and his wife, the Lebanese Daniella Semaan, stayed there when the Catalan signed for FC Barcelona, ​​back in the summer of 2011. Both were in Piqué’s apartment while they found a house. Informed Mujeres al Día, communication and information agency.

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