They affirm that Shakira received a luxurious gift from the pilot Lewis Hamilton and she wore it like a true queen

Shakira captured all eyes last weekend, due to her unexpected appearance in Barcelona, ​​​​a fact that was a trend on social networks; Despite the fact that the Colombian went to take her two children: Sasha and Milan to spend time with her father Gerard Piqué, there is something else that is attracting attention and it has to do with Lewis Hamilton.

And it is that after circulating networks a photograph in which even the Mercedes Benz driver hugs the singer and puts his hand very close to the body of the pop star, now versions are heard, that the luxurious and colorful clothing that took the beautiful Shakira during the Barcelona Grand Prix, it was nothing less than a little gift from Hamilton, a gift that could cost several thousand dollars, the evidence that proves it is significant.

According to the Spanish media and the international press, the shirt worn by the South American at the great Formula One event is a design that belongs to the catalog of a famous fashion company, so it is no coincidence that the businesswoman Donatella Versace, The current vice president of the company came out to tell her friend, “Looking INCREDIBLE in Versace,” reads the bottom of the image where the singer poses with this model.

This garment was co-designed by the singer Dua Lipa and is part of the La Vacanza collection, they also highlight that weeks ago, Hamilton was at the presentation of these pieces and that he posed with Donatella, so they intuit that Lewis would be in charge to give this outfit to the Colombian.

It is not known with certainty if the striking shirt was a gift from the pilot, what is a fact is the cost of this piece, it is estimated that it costs a little more than US$1,500. At the same time, the beautiful garment demonstrates the good taste of the interpreter and composer, who wore it like a true queen on her return to those lands where she suffered so many bitter situations and shed so many tears, but now she reappeared splendidly and with a splendid smile.

Published by Emirates Herald, news and information agency.

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