Anti-trafficking laws strengthened in the UAE

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, yesterday chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers at Al Watan Palace in Abu Dhabi. “Today, we adopted a number of amendments to the Anti-Human Trafficking Law, which include stiffer penalties and the introduction of services for victims, such as educational assistance, measures for the safe return of the victim to her home and increasing the penalties imposed on perpetrators,” the senior official communicated via his Twitter account.

This type of crime never tolerates this kind of crime, and respect for humanity and its civilized position comes from sound principles and values that have not changed since its inception. The Emirati government believes that human trafficking is a despicable crime and is committed to working to combat this practice in any form.

The authorities are working hard on all elements of their strategy: Prevention, Prosecution, Punishment, Protection and Promotion (of international cooperation). Since the Government first officially identified this problem, measures have consistently improved and its efforts continue to limit the crime, as well as adhering to international standards.

In parallel, the Emirati nation will continue to collaborate with all delegated bodies to enforce the appropriate law to arrest, prosecute and punish those who violate the human trafficking law and those who attempt to use the country as a channel to violate the anti-trafficking laws of other countries. These actions demonstrate that the UAE is committed to becoming a model of change in the region and an active member of the international community. It continues to welcome direct discussion and collaboration with other governments, public or private sector groups, or international organizations that share the vision of stemming the tide of human trafficking. A number of Emirati authorities serve victims, including shelters for victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse.

Published by Emirates Herald, news and information agency.

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