Pope Francis talks about the treatment of mothers-in-law

During the general audience held in Saint Peter’s Square, Pope Francis asked that mothers-in-law be treated better and urged them not to criticize, “to be careful with their tongue”, in a new catechesis dedicated to the elderly.

In a new audience in San Pedro in front of several thousand faithful whom Pope Francis greeted from the popemobile during the tour between the various sectors of the square and appeared with visible problems when walking due to his knee problems, that have forced him to suspend some acts on his agenda.

The Pope explained in his catechesis that there are “commonplaces about family ties created by marriage, especially between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law” and asked to overcome “the most common prejudices.”

“Today the mother-in-law is a mythical character, I am not saying that we think they are the devil, but they are always said to be bad. But they are the mother of your husband, of your wife,” he declared.

He also explained that “they are also mothers, they are older and one of the most beautiful things for grandmothers is to see their grandchildren. It is true that sometimes they are a little special, but they have given everything. At least make them happy, let them carry their old age happily.”

And to the mothers-in-law he exhorted: “To you, mothers-in-law, I say: be careful with your tongues. It is one of the sins of mothers-in-law, the tongue.”

He also explained that “youth proves capable of giving new enthusiasm to mature age” and that “old age discovers itself capable of reopening the future for wounded youth” and before this he reiterated the value of “an alliance of generations”

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