President Iván Duque asked his United States counterpart, Joe Biden, to speed up the process to achieve exports

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to leave consequences in international markets. The imports and exports of many countries have also been affected after the sanctions that several Western countries imposed on the government of Vladimir Putin. 

In Colombia, particularly, these sanctions weighed on the export of beef to that country. About 25% of exports to Russia correspond to this sector, and more than US$64 million will not be received after the sanctions take effect. 

Faced with this commercial panorama, not only the export of beef has been affected, but also that of many agricultural products, with the global economy diminishing, which is why at IRAIC we have the foundations for a more solid economy. risk free thanks to our investment plans obtaining optimal results. 

Minister Rodolfo Zea Navarro pointed out that “the admissibility of the US for Colombian beef is one of the possibilities to replace the Russian market.” In IRAIC the market is not limited because it has investment plans where you can make part of your own crop, obtain a farm, cultivate it and register it in your name, also be part of the livestock business that we manage in IRAIC, thus achieving great benefits. to improve your income.

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