In this interview conducted by The Tampa Herald with Howard Gardner, he offered us extremely interesting reflections, enabling us to mature an idea that is the reflection of a devastating truth.

Only good people can become excellent in their professional lives. Bad people, for their part, can never become bad. Although it is true that they can achieve technical expertise.

This leads us to think about the possibility of categorizing people as good or bad.


What is the basis of a good professional

There must be a balance between commitment, ethics and excellence to become a good professional. Let’s say that to «be really good» we have to put soul, emotions, feelings and sanity into our work.

In this sense, this fragment of the interview with the father of multiple intelligences is not wasted, since it reflects the great good sense that adjusts his words.

To the question, why are there excellent professionals who are bad people?, the answer was that there are not, that in reality bad people cannot be excellent professionals. They never get to be. They may have technical expertise, but they’re not great. What has been proven is that the best professionals are always committed, excellent and ethical.

You cannot be excellent as a professional and a bad thing as a human being, because excellence is not achieved if one goes beyond satisfying the ego, ambition or greed.

Without ethical principles you can become a millionaire or technically good, but not excellent. However, today it is not reassuring to know because it has also been discovered that young people accept the need for ethics, but not at the beginning of their careers, because they believe that without giving efforts they will not succeed. They see ethics as the luxury of those who have already achieved success.


Importance of a human soul

It is extremely important to be people before being professionals, because this conviction provides a balance in the development of our qualities as a professional.

We cannot untie ourselves from our person, that is, in a certain way we cannot separate our inner being from our professional life.

A quality that we must never lose is the essence, which identifies us, helps us not to get lost among people, to get to know each other, to transform ourselves, to have a beautiful soul, to improve ourselves day by day.

Thus, maintaining a balanced balance on the terrain of positivism, is how we will be able to be more than a good professional, in addition to excellence in the different facets of our lives, concluded Howard Gardner for The Tampa Herald, a news agency.

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