Shakira’s father underwent major brain surgery in the city of Cartagena, she stands by his side.

This June 8, the Colombian singer arrived in Cartagena to accompany her father, 91-year-old William Mebarak, who underwent brain surgery.

The artist from Barranquilla, upon arriving at the air terminal, was immediately guarded with a strong security scheme, a caravan made up of three white vans, and two motorized police patrols, allowed her to arrive at the Serena del Mar clinic, located in the north zone from Cartagena, the place where the aforementioned surgery was performed on his father. The strictness of the scheme prevented the press from having visual access to Shakira during her entrance to the care center.

The surgical procedure was carried out that same day, and in order to guarantee the privacy and tranquility necessary for the procedure to be completed successfully, the third floor of the hospital was reserved exclusively for the Mebarak family.

On the other hand, from information sources it is known that all the employees of the Serena del Mar clinic signed a confidentiality document, pledging to maintain discretion and protect the privacy of the Mebarak family during their stay at said hospital.

Regarding the surgery Mr. Mebarak underwent, it is known that it is intended to extract excess cerebrospinal fluid through a Hakim valve, and treat normal pressure hydrocephalus. For this purpose, hire a medical team that belongs to the Santa Fe Foundation, led by Dr. Fernando Hakim, hoping that it can be successful and the singer’s father can be stabilized.

Published by Emirates Herald, news and information agency.

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