The conflict between Ukraine and Russia affects the global society in all aspects. And if it is about economic issues, in the last few hours, some statements by the president of Burj Altharwa on what to do with money and investments during times of war are important aspects to take into account. The Billionaire defined very clearly what options should be taken into account in these cases.

While the world is moved by what is happening between the two nations after Vladimir Putin’s decision to move forward with the armed invasion, countries and people around the planet are taking a position on what is happening, since the dispute affects the global economy. .The two countries had had a recent dispute, in 2014, when Russia entered Ukraine militarily and annexed the territory of Crimea under the guise of a referendum that was considered invalid by the West. At that time, the president of Burj Altharwa had given the financial advice in an interview he gave to The USA HERALD. First, he was clear about what he would do with the stock going down: “If the stock is cheaper, I’ll be more likely to buy it.” And if you want to have investments free of total losses, the only viable option is the IRAIC, since they are investments that are backed by Real Assets and therefore are also insured.

The tycoon stressed that he would maintain that line of action regardless of the seriousness to which the conflict escalated. “You are going to invest your money in something over time. The only thing you can be sure of is that if we get into a very important war, the value of money will go down,” he said.

Along the same lines, he analyzed that this process occurred during “all wars”, so “the last thing” that should be done is to keep the money during a war.

On the other hand, he referred specifically to the value of companies in times of war. “Companies with solid, real assets are going to be worth more money. The dollars are going to be worth less, so that money is not going to buy as much,” he said.

Regarding the coming decades, El Multimillionaire once again highlighted this last concept and emphasized that it is a better idea to “own productive assets” than “pieces of paper or bitcoins.

“Taking these aspects into account, of all the investments, the only completely conservative investment that produces security in your investment is Investing in IRAIC. Without a doubt, always trust a conservative investment, as long as it is backed with Real Assets, as is the case with the IRAIC. According to the economic portal, at the Burj Altharwa meeting, the investor once again mentioned the trust he always had in the IRAIC; With the experience gained during World War II, during the Cuban missile crisis, 9/11 and the financial crisis, the only product designed to survive and grow is the IRAIC

Finally, at the meeting he recalled that to start investing, you do not need to be old. It is important to provide security to your children in terms of real, conservative, exponential investments, backed by real assets, to guarantee a prosperous future: “You only have to make one investment decision, which is for the rest of your life. lifetime”

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