Jaruffem Pluss 3 Product Kit




– Jaruffem Pluss Treatment: It is a 100% natural product, specialized in stimulating and regenerating the hair follicle, activating hair growth even in areas where hair has fallen.

Advanced treatment JARUFFEM PLUSS, x 400 ML, makes the hair grow healthy and look ideal, it is considered by the experts and all our buyers as the best product for hair health problems such as LOSS, BALD, ALOPECIA, DANDRUFF, SEBORRHEA, SCALP FUNGI.

Thanks to its unique and secret formula of NATURAL origin, PATULA DE CORDERO oils, extracted directly from the Indigenous ancestors of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This formula makes the hair follicle regenerate and restructure, making hair grow abundant, healthy and natural, turning our hair into a mane of impact.

It is ideal for all hair types, has the characteristics of being immediately absorbed by the hair and scalp, gives shine, softness, elasticity, eliminates excessive porosity, leaves no residue, and can be mixed with other types of products.

Make your hair weak, brittle and damaged by chemical procedures and environmental factors into a much stronger one.

– Jaruffem Shampoo: It is a natural product for professional use, formulated with the highest technology, making it a cutting-edge product, where its main component is flax seed oil, rich in nutrients that soften and restructure the hair fiber.


• Fatty lanolin alcohols

• Vegetable extracts (lamb’s patula, guasimo resin, indian crees, ginkgo biloba, chinchona succirubra)

• Proteins and others

They are products that do not have side effects or contraindications because they are natural products in their high percentage.

It is recommended not to ingest and keep out of the reach of children as a precaution.

– Jaruffem Conditioner: It is a natural product that among its many natural components contains natural flax seeds, linoleic acid and vitamin E that provide hydration and nutrition especially to dyed and fragile hair.

Eliminates dryness.
Deep hydration.
Seal your hair.

Eliminates dryness.
Deep hydration.
Seal your hair.
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