Metropolis with the most expensive square meters in the world.

Throughout the world, the acquisition of real estate can vary according to its location. The residential market in some cities can be extremely expensive, according to a study conducted by Knight Frank, which showed which metropolises have the most expensive square meters in the world. The research was carried out based on what a person can buy with US$1 million.

The Principality of Monaco, a small independent city-state located on the Mediterranean coast of France, opens the ranking with the most expensive real estate: in this city-state you can find a maximum of 17 square meters for US$1 million.

As the study shows, “Monaco clings to its title as the most expensive residential market in the world. However, in 2022, the hard currency rewarded the US dollar-based buyer with two additional square meters for their money compared to a year ago.”

The cities that remain at the top of the most expensive cities to live in are Hong Kong and New York with 21 and 33 square meters. The large North American city is even behind London, whose offer for US$1 million is 34 square meters. This can be explained “by the strength of the dollar”.

Singapore offers 34 square meters, as does the British capital, while Geneva (Switzerland) ups the ante with 37. The list also includes other famous cities such as Los Angeles (39 square meters), Paris (43), Sydney (44) and Shanghai (44).

Regarding luxury Dubai, the study states that “annual price growth of 44% may provoke notions of high prices, but values are rising from a low base”. The data shows that in this city in the United Arab Emirates you can get properties of up to 105 square meters, five times more than in Hong Kong.

Published by Emirates Herald, news and information agency.

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