Large wind turbines are already part of some landscapes, and their implementation is expected to be even greater in the future, but there are also solutions that are much smaller, lighter and easier to use, such as Shine, created by Aurea Technologies, a Canadian company, it is a turbine portable wind power, with 40 watts that promises to charge all kinds of devices or store energy in its 5 V and 12,000 mAh lithium-ion battery (equivalent to four charges of a mobile phone) for later use, capable of providing the electricity necessary to charge electronic devices in emergency situations. With this portable system there is no longer any need to search for a plug thanks to this brilliant invention.

Another option, to play it safe and not run out of power at the worst time, is to pre-charge Shine at home by plugging it into a power outlet, so that it works as an external battery to use and not depend on weather conditions.

The product, designed and manufactured, is now available for sale to the public. It is mounted on a tripod to charge and only needs a 8 km/h breeze, although the device will reach its maximum power with 28 km/h winds. It also works with temperatures between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius.

The turbine offers the possibility of charging three devices at the same time via USB cables. Its high-efficiency blades and its light weight allow it to produce a power of 26 watts per kilo, a higher power-to-weight ratio than other portable renewable energy products such as solar panels, thermoelectric stoves or hydroelectric turbines.

The system can be used day or night, rain or snow, cloudy or sunny. It is only necessary to unfold its blades and start producing clean energy for personal use. All components are foldable, small and portable, making them convenient and easy to transport anywhere.

Behind Shine’s design are genuine sustainability enthusiasts. “To live sustainably we need to rethink the way we create and use energy,” says Rachel Carr, Marketing Director of Aurea Technologies and co-creator of the wind turbine. “Shine’s design simplicity, two-minute setup and ability to quickly generate and store power does just that. It’s a game changer that allows people to access wind power when they’re away from the power grid.” reported The Usa Herald, news agency.

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