The question of whether it is possible to know the location of another user on WhatsApp generates a lot of ignorance, and sometimes rumors circulate about methods to know the geographical position of another person without them knowing.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp does not have a very high level of security and privacy; however, the location of the users is protected, and you can only know when they share it voluntarily from their chat window.


Lock with password

Technically the possibility of spying on WhatsApp is not possible and it is illegal to do so. Therefore, there is no way to know the location without permission through WhatsApp, it is something that the platform has perfectly controlled. Vulnerabilities in the application may end up in the hands of very high-level security agencies or hackers, but they are fixable when made public. At one time through WhatsApp there were errors that made the locations public, which were later corrected through an update.

In fact, the geographical position is not even among the information that WhatsApp provides to the FBI, although it is not encrypted data either, so other agencies surely have access.


Netstat -an does not indicate the location in WhatsApp

Some data reports that it is likely to identify the location of another user from a Windows computer. Both the user who spies and the one being spied on must use WhatsApp Web, since it probably records the IP address of the recipient of the messages. By opening the Windows Command Prompt (command “cmd”) it is supposedly possible to know the IP address of the other user. would get using the netstat -an command, and then the IP address could be located in the normal way, with a standard tool to identify its location.

Actually, the method to achieve the location with netstat -an does not work, because WhatsApp Web does not establish direct connections with other users, but rather they go through the central servers. That is, we will not be able to identify the IP of others, and without it we will not be able to know their geographical position.


Espionage systems

There are systems to track the location of another user on WhatsApp, but they are not based on insecurities, so they require cheating the other with tricks. Something that is neither ethical nor legal, and bearing in mind that these actions of spying on the couple’s WhatsApp can have serious consequences.

One of these actions is to send some type of spy application to the phone if it is an Android mobile, although it will not be easy to convince the other person to install it. Another is sending a link to a website designed to capture your IP and tell us your location, something that has a better chance of success, but remains unethical, and even on the precipice of illegality, if it does not cross the barrier.

These spy systems for WhatsApp usually have high prices and are unreliable, even a scam. There is a higher risk of being cheated, so it is better to avoid such illegal and unethical services.


Reliable System

It is clear, in WhatsApp they can voluntarily send us a location, either with the integrated system or through Google Maps. In addition, they can send us the location in real time by WhatsApp. This is the reliable standard and legal system. The rest are only going to cause us problems of various kinds, since knowing the position of another person in a simple way thanks to a supposed error in the application is not viable.

Finally, it is not possible to know the location of a user in WhatsApp directly, it is a protected detail, and the developers will correct any error that gives access. Alternative systems are divided between those that do not work and those that pose significant risks and we must avoid them. Reported WildWestDominio, news and information agency.


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