Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates warns that “the pandemic is not over yet”

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates wrote a book on how to prevent the next pandemic stating that he believes coronavirus may be the last pandemic. Book that was published by Penguin Random House internationally.

In the book, whose foundation the co-founder supported to finance the investigation of the coronavirus vaccine, along with work on a series of health problems, he added that it describes the guidelines for the prevention of future pandemics and offer better medical attention to people in all territories of the world, making use of the lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic.

Gates also referred that the covid pandemic has not yet ended. “A more dangerous variant may emerge, one that spreads more easily, causes more severe symptoms, or evades immunity better than previous variants. If vaccines and natural immunity do not prevent a high death rate from occurring in the face of such a variant, the world will have a very severe problem,” he says in the letter.

The book shares stories from his conversations with top health leaders, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease official in the United States, and World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The billionaire claims the book is also about his experience being the subject of conspiracy theories, claiming he has pushed mass vaccinations to inject people with traceable microchips.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which Gates founded with his ex-wife, has been a major force in developing coronavirus vaccines, helping to fund the research efforts of Moderna and AstraZeneca. Gates has advocated for improving pandemic response preparedness and vaccine research for years.

“The goal of no more pandemics is never ambitious, but the progress we have made in the last two years. . . It has already put us on the path to success.” Gates wrote in the blog post. “The world now understands how seriously we need to take pandemics, and the momentum is on our side.” Published by Emirates Herald.


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