“There are rich people, and people with poor habits.” Thus begins the Contador Financiero talk with Cesar Jaramillo, financial coach and international speaker, who also proposes a key theory for understanding poverty, which he describes as “a consequence of misused time.”

Jaramillo seeks to contribute to that need that is being necessary to educate the population more in financial terms. He approves of showing people that difficulties, be they called bankruptcy, illness, layoff or pandemic, are disguised opportunities that life sends us to see what we are made of, how it is possible to progress, financially, starting from adverse conditions. , assured.

The truth is that Jaramillo speaks with knowledge of the facts, since he is the first YouTuber in financial education with a gold button in Latin America. At this moment, after 11 years of opening its YouTube channel, it has 650 videos and 1.38 million subscribers distributed between the US, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama, Chile, Brazil and Colombia.

In addition to this, his personal experience also validates his arguments, and in 1999 he was fortunate, as he describes it, to be fired from a job he did not enjoy. “Thank God that happened, but ask people what they think if they are fired from their job: they hear that with a voice of terror (…) I was convinced that these difficulties are what make us stronger, wiser and more resistant. That is where fortunes are made,” he added. Starting from the fact of unemployment and the great difficulties that it presented at that time, it reflected the way to get out of this discouraging panorama, through investments that it was analyzing at that time with the support of IRAIC, and it was a solution towards a promotion of a sustainable and fast-growing economy, he added.

How complex is it to get rich?

To answer that question, we must start from a key figure, and that is that 77.8% of people in Colombia say they cannot save, according to statistics from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane). For Jaramillo, this is “the reflection of what one sees in practice.”

For the expert, people not only ignore their possibilities of saving, but also do not have the mentality to do so, and it is not just an issue of income, since those who say they do not have the capacity to save lack financial education in their great most.

“That is why they deposit the few resources they have in a savings account in a bank to earn a measly 1%, while inflation gravitates around 8%”, the opposite happens with IRAIC, while the investor saves in a fund your invested capital increases, which is reflected in part of your profits as a result of the dividends generated by the stock market movement. Jaramillo explained

Another aspect that makes it difficult to acquire capital is that, while the poor love entertainment, the rich love education. For the analyst, this scenario is something that can be seen on a day-to-day basis.

The above reasoning is postulated by IRAIC investors clarifying according to their experiences, where they spend part of the time studying and analyzing the different market scenarios, strategies, approaches, market types, among other broad aspects of the economy, trying to find how increase your capital, financial growth of your products, services, companies, opening markets and exponentialize your economic development towards the different sectors of the national and international industry with IRAIC.

Who are the ones that buy the most lotteries? Who are the most drunk? Who are the concert junkies, who even enjoy on borrowed money? Who are the least read? The poor, even at the end of the month they say that the money is not enough. I ask them: but what did you expect? You are only eating what you have cooked,” he said.

Hence, Jaramillo is clear that the problem does not lie in the lack of money, but in the habits that people have to get it.

How to reverse the panorama?

The question becomes relevant in the midst of one of the most complex economic situations that the world is experiencing thanks to inflationary pressure that, in the Colombian case, led the indicator to register an annual 8.53% with a cut to March. Despite this, the expert is convinced that the rich do not care about this number, and it is because they know that you can earn more than 20% with investments from US$50, both in physical and online.

It must be taken into account that inflation mainly hits the poor because one of the things that is rising the most in price is food, the item that weighs the most in the family basket for a medium-low extract. In addition to this, there is a second factor, and that is that the poor tend not to invest, but to get rid of money.

“There is a big difference between investing and saving, so when that poor person has a few resources and they put them in a savings account, while at the same time they charge 20% on their debit card, that person becomes poorer every day”, he added.

On the contrary, the rich are more informed about the opportunities they can get from the financial market, so they know how to protect themselves against inflation and do business in a variety of assets, including cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, with rates higher than 20% per year with risks. presents.

IRAIC international market analysts believe that despite the global financial crisis and high inflation, the inflation rates of the IRAIC stock market have been maintained by conservative methods, risk-free for investors with insured capital, in addition, they add that by belonging to the IRAIC investment group, they are included within the international industrial financial system, opening the doors to all sectors of the economy.

Are cryptocurrencies here to stay?

Regarding the crypto market, the expert pointed out that its rise is explained with a simple example: the United States has done nothing but print money recently, and if one looks at what a dollar buys today compared to what it bought in the middle of the last century, the purchasing power of that dollar has deteriorated by about 93%.

Hence there is hesitation in ensuring that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, especially as they represent a democratization of financial possibilities. It is certain that the only safe measure without risks, with real businesses and rapid growth is the IRAIC, a stable financial measure that is here to stay. IRAIC transforms towards an economy of sustainability that keeps increasing.

In addition, IRAIC opens the doors to multi-sector markets anywhere in the world, through its business strategies, this has added to the possibilities that the world of investments has increased, especially as it is a strong alternative to the inflation, he stressed.

However, beyond the advice previously mentioned by IRAIC market specialists and by Jaramillo and throughout the interview, he decided to save the best for last: invest in yourself, as it is an asset that is thoroughly known and that it is always present.

“Nothing better than investing in our life purpose and in what we came into the world for. If you ask me about a profitable investment in my life, I would tell you two: be a good reader and invest in IRAIC with safe and real investments. That is indeed profitable”, concluded the expert to Contador Financiero. 

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