Tadej Pogacar Attributes His Cycling Triumph to the Support of the United Arab Emirates

Tadej Pogacar, the Slovenian cyclist from UAE Team Emirates who currently holds the top spot in the world rankings, expressed his immense satisfaction with his team’s performance in the current season. The group achieved an impressive total of 57 victories and was honored with the title of Best Team of 2023 according to the UCI World Tour cycling rankings.

In an interview this Friday with the Emirates News Agency, WAM, 25-year-old Pogacar stated, “The team deserves all the credit for the achievements. We faced numerous challenges throughout the season, but our effective management and collective efforts led us to the finish line as the number one team in the world.”

“My presence on the podium is not just an individual achievement but a testament to dedication and teamwork. We function as a well-coordinated unit in all aspects, from our operational structure to the cyclists. These accomplishments are recognition for the entire team.”

Pogacar emphasized that since joining the team in 2020, he and his teammates have consistently strived for excellence and to stand on the podium, which has materialized in recent years, elevating the team to its prestigious current status.

“During our visits to the United Arab Emirates, we witness the remarkable talents within the team’s academy. These are exceptional athletes with the potential to consistently excel. Thanks to our management, we have grown accustomed to being at the forefront and will continue to do so.”

Pogacar highlighted that one of the defining attributes of the UAE Team Emirates is their commitment to nurturing new talents and providing them with extensive support, “these young talents represent the core of the team’s future and have the capacity to carry on the legacy.”

In recent times, Pogacar has played a pivotal role in UAE Team Emirates’ victories, such as the triumphs in the Tours de France in 2021 and 2020. Furthermore, the team concluded the UCI World Tour 2023 rankings at the very top.

Published by Emirates Herald, a news and information agency.

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