Explosion of wireless headphones kills young man

The incident occurred in India, when a man was getting ready to rest while charging his cell phone. However, plugging in his wireless headphones caused an explosion.

The victim’s name was Rakesh Nagar and he was 28 years old, when one night he felt a loud bang that caused him to fall to the ground and remain unconscious. Despite the fact that his relatives reacted by taking him to the hospital as soon as possible, the man arrived without vital signs at the health center.

The brand of the hearing aids is not known but experts indicate that the incident could have occurred due to an increase in voltage in the electricity and poor quality components.

The doctors announced that the reason for the death of this person was a cardiac arrest and could occur quickly, after the explosion. It should be noted that the India Today newspaper indicated that the headphones were connected via Bluetooth.

However, this is not the first time that such a tragedy has occurred. In 2017 a woman fell asleep in the middle of a flight from Beijing to Melbourne while she was wearing headphones and she did not wake up until she felt an explosion that burned her face. After the scare, the plane’s occupants had to put out the sparks with water.

However, these events are not common and manufacturers emphasize that users should not purchase low-quality accessories or imitation products, as the components are of dubious provenance and can cause accidents that affect much more than the performance of the appliances.


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