No school in the world teaches its students to be millionaires. It is the reason why we entrepreneurs must push ourselves to search for creation and education for the success of ourselves. As teacher Jim Rohn said “Formal education will give you a way to make a living. Financial education will make you a fortune.» In my years as an entrepreneur I have found that the seventh art contains a world of lessons, which are ground gold on our way to the financial top. In this note you will find a list of movies that you should see yes or yes, in the quest to be a millionaire.

Best movies for your financial education

  • #1 The Pursuit of Happyness: A film starring Will Smith, who plays a real-life story. Chris Gardner, an entrepreneur who lived through one of the most tragic stories in the financial world, went from living on the streets with his son to owning an investment company and one of the richest men in the United States. Why should you see it? «No matter where you come from, it is your decisions that determine your destiny.» (The movie shows only a snippet of Gardner’s life. It ends with Chris getting a job as a Broker. I want to emphasize that for the full story, you’ll need to read the book «The Pursuit Of Happyness» where it goes into all the details and how after what happened he started his own empire).
  • #2 Jobs: The most important entrepreneur in modern history. A film starring Ashton Kutcher, recounts the life and work of Steve Jobs. The beginning, development, fall and resurgence of Apple. Why should you see it? Contrary to what most of the world thinks, entrepreneurs are ordinary human beings, they are not superheroes. It is their indomitable will and enormous passion that drives them to success. This film shows the growth process of one of the most important brands in business history. Two valuable lessons point out to us from the tape; First, the power of an idea can transform the world. Second, to reach the top you have to think differently.
  • #3 The Wolf of Wall Street: This film tells the story of the stockbroker, Jordan Belfort starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this film shows in an extraordinary way the negative effects of overflowing ambition and the excesses that «success» can cause to a person without balance. Why should you see it? Belfort’s passion and his confidence in himself and in his work is impressive. There are innumerable reasons why this film is perfect for entrepreneurs, it teaches us how to sell, shows the security that we must have as leaders and the most important key, to extract the talent of the people with whom you work.
  • #4 The pirates of Silicon Valley: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, changed the world forever. As Jobs would say… you may or may not agree with them, but the one thing you can’t do is ignore them. Why should you see it? Because the true objective of an entrepreneur is to transform the world with his idea. This tape shows the beginnings of the richest man in the world (Bill Gates) and the decisions that led Jobs to achieve success after being fired from the company he created.
  • #5 Joy The name of Success: A current movie, with a raw story of real life. Starring Jennifer Lawrence. This film tells us about a housewife who fights to the end to protect an idea that would change her life and her family forever. Why should you see it? The world needs entrepreneurs who defend their ideals and dreams to the death. The most important conquest is the one you make of yourself. If you think you can, you are halfway there.
  • #6 The Way of the Warrior: A film inspired by real events that tells the story of an American Olympic gymnast, who faces an accident before the competitions for which he has worked all his life. A mysterious Mentor allows him to become the best version of himself and exploit his potential to the fullest. Even after the doctors told him he would never walk again. Why should you see it? This film has a philosophy focused on excellence and a strong focus on fulfilling our dreams. You will find that the key to happiness is in the path traveled and not in the results.
  • #7 Social Network (The Social Network): A controversial tape, but at the same time great. Mark Zuckerberg connected the world in a legendary way. In the words of the Founder of Facebook «I started at 19 without knowing anything about business… but I started». Why should you see it? As I have mentioned, an idea has the power to change the world. Emotional intelligence, a touch of madness and a large dose of disdain are the keys that led Zuckerberg to become one of the richest men in the world.
  • #8 Julie & Julia: A light comedy that narrates the life of a mid-level employee, who dedicates her life to supporting people through the bureaucracy to solve conflicts originated in the tragic 911. This real life story, He went around the world. Julie (Amy Adams) the frustrated employee, dreams of becoming a recognized writer… after the inspiration of a renowned chef and writer «Julia Child» (Meryl Streep), she starts a cooking blog as a hobby and her passion for food drives her. became an online success, which allowed him to win his dream… to publish a book with his story. Why should you see it? You don’t need money to start building a dream… a button is enough to show it, or rather, this movie is enough to show it. A great ancient philosophy of Master Confucius says «Find a job you love and you will never work again in your life». This tape will teach you that you can monetize your passions.
  • #9 Wall Street Power and Greed: In 1987 Gordon Gekko, starring the mythical Michael Douglas, became one of the most hated characters in film history, when he led to immortality the phrase «Greed is good» . The film focuses on the illegal and unethical decisions made by Bud Fox, played by the controversial Charlie Sheen, to transform himself into an unscrupulous millionaire as Gekko, a corporate swindler. Why should you see it? Do not confuse ambition with greed. Money doesn’t make you rich…it’s what you do with the money that makes you financially successful. Entrepreneur who loses his values, he is a simple swindler. You can reach the top, being honest and faithful to your principles, it may take a few more years, but the reward will be worth it.
  • #10 Rocky: One of the most beautiful overcoming works in the history of cinema. Sylvester Stallone wrote and starred in this story about Rocky Balboa, a man who fights Apollo Creed with no chance of winning, to be the heavyweight champion. Why should you see it? Even if the world tells you that you will never have a chance to be successful, keep fighting. The competitive spirit and your hunger for success will take you far.
  • #11 This documentary released in 2001 follows the rise and fall of a promising startup called «GoveWorks». This «more than promising» project shows the problems that the founders had to face due to internal disputes and an apparent momentary success, caused by an excessive initial growth. Why should you see it? There are three lessons you can take from this tape. Number 1: you do not need money to start, when your idea is favorable, the capital appears. 2: If your partners are not on the same page, the business will go under. 3: Emotional intelligence is the key to mastering financial intelligence.
  • #12 Steve Jobs: One last thing: The PBS television network premiered this documentary shortly after Jobs died in 2011. It captures the best moments of the entrepreneur who took a bite out of the universe. Why should you see it? The key to success as an entrepreneur is business vision. Which means seeing with the mind what the masses cannot see with their eyes. Take a look into the future and get there before most of the world does.
  • #13 El Padrino (The Godfather): One of the best films in the history of cinema, released in 1972 tells the story of Michael Corleone, the great «Godfather of the mafia» starring Al Pacino. Why should you see it? First I want to make an explanatory note «When you see this movie you should do it with the filter of entrepreneur»… that is, eliminate from your mind the idea that it is a film that talks about organized crime. Instead, learn how Master Corleone took a small part of the family business and transformed it into one of the most powerful and influential families in the world. The Godfather perfectly illustrates everything an entrepreneur needs to get to the top and how to maintain success to stay there.
  • #14 The Call of the Entrepreneur: An inspiring and impressive documentary released in 2007 follows the lives of three entrepreneurs; a banker, a refugee from China and a dairy farmer. Why should you see it? Because the story of these 3 men from different parts of the world, with no characteristics in common, shows the importance of risking everything to follow their dreams. If they can, what’s stopping you?
  • #15 Forrest Gump: Are you one of those who thinks that there are things that are impossible to reach? Then you should see this movie. One of the most beautiful films of all time, starring the legendary Tom Hanks. It tells the life of a young man whom the world calls «foolish». A film that perfectly exemplifies that everything you set your mind to, you can achieve. All you need is an immense capacity for wonder and a burning desire to fulfill your dreams. Why should you see it? It is common for people to give up and throw in the towel after some failure. So success belongs to those who are persistent and resistant to failure. In this film you will find the answers to those doubts that haunt your mind and make you give up over and over again.
  • #16 The founder (The Founder): Of the entire list of movies for millionaires, this is the most recent and I can tell you that it managed to surprise me. Why should you see it? The secrets of the Mc Donald’s Empire are revealed in this formidable film. Billionaire Ray Kroc led the hamburger business to the highest echelon of success in the corporate world. You can enjoy it from Netflix.
  • #17 Home Chef (#Chef): Social networks and your passion can be the perfect combination to build a successful business. This fun film shows you the path that a laid-off chef has to take to rediscover himself before he can build his own success. Why should you see it? Undoubtedly you will find extremely valuable keys to apply to your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out.
  • #18 Burt Munro: The World’s Fastest Indian: Based on real events, this great film tells the story of Burt Munro, a motorcycle enthusiast, who conquered the world speed record at the age of 68 years old and with all the odds against him. Today he is still a legend and his story left a great legacy. Why should you see it? «You are never too young to start, nor too old to conquer a dream.» -Colonel Sanders (Founder of KFC).

This list of movies for millionaires have been blockbusters and a creative recipe to encourage your financial education. Posted by Contador Financiero.

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