Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made one of the app’s 3 new features official, after months of testing and leaks about new WhatsApp updates.

He announced that the instant messaging application will have reactions for messages Through a message on Facebook. Several emojis have been added with which users can respond in chats. This feature is now available.

It will be easier to express yourself if you agree with something in the conversation thanks to this update.

It is an interesting function that each user will use as he pleases. The good news is that these reactions are already pouring in around the world.

Another novelty that the app brought to the table is that files of up to 2 GB can be shared since its limit was only 100 MB, but that is in the past. From now on you will be able to share very large PDFs, high-resolution videos or documents that take up a lot of space.

In addition, voice calls can be made with up to 32 people. To make calls easier, they “will have a totally new design for those moments when talking live is better than chatting,” Whatsapp reported in a statement.

The latest novelty that the application launched is that more members will be allowed in the groups, not only 256, now with the update you can include up to 512 participants.

These updates will be available “over the next few weeks,” the company said.


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