Spain lifts restrictions on travelers from Colombia

Spain lowered the level of risk due to COVID, from high to moderate, in which it had located Colombia and which kept it among the countries with restriction of entry to travelers.
The restriction is canceled as of midnight (Spanish time) this Monday, August 23.

However, it was clarified that people who wish to enter the European country must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and present their card with the complete immunization scheme.

Travelers leaving from Colombia must fill out a health form and with the QR code that the document generates.

Regarding these documents, Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucía Ramírez called on Colombians to maintain order and compliance with the rules to avoid new sanctions or accusations for presenting altered documents.

In this case, the vice president asked to avoid falling into cheating and dishonesty by presenting COVID tests and true vaccination cards.

For people who want to schedule their trip from Colombia to Spain, the Spanish Government already had a website in which it exposes the map of nations and the level of restriction that applies to each one.

Likewise, this site provides information on the entry requirements and the health control that travelers must submit to, as well as the forms that must be downloaded and filled out, depending on the type of transport used to enter the country.


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