The boycott against Disney regains importance to prevent the indoctrination of children

A number of conservative groups are boycotting anything related to Disney. The reason for this is that for a large number of parents who have spoken out recently, the titan of entertainment leans too far to the left. Faced with this problem, on Wednesday those affected organized themselves and protested in front of the front doors of Walt Disney Studios in Burbank.

The boycott against Disney includes the cancellation of trips to Disney World, the massive drop in Disney Plus subscriptions and protests by its own employees against indoctrination both within the company and towards its public: children.

However, the Democratic Party, the political left, and the entertainment elite propagated the narrative that the law prohibited using the term “gay” and that the law was “homophobic.” But the reality is that the law does not refer to homosexuality. It simply prioritizes parents as the designated custodians to teach their children about those subjects at home and not shorten children’s childhoods by hypersexualizing them.

“Classroom instruction by personnel in charge of the school or by third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age or student development in accordance with state standards,” the bill establishes.

But Hollywood promoted the opposite. Even at the Oscars, the initial presentation was dedicated to attacking the state of Florida and shouting the word “gay”, in alleged protest against the law that protects minors from indoctrination.

Meanwhile, Disney has admitted to having an agenda to indoctrinate minors in LGBT matters. A video of a meeting was leaked where they recognize him there. Disney executive producer Latoyra Ravino laughed, “Our leadership has been very open about my gay agenda, which is not secret at all.

From satire, comedian JP Sears points out that only a pedophile could be outraged by a bill that does not allow minors to be sexualized. And it highlights how the political left in the US has been the one who has been outraged. He added, how contrary to the narrative of the mass media, the bill in Florida does not point to any type of sexuality. It does not target homosexuals. Nor does it allow to talk about heterosexuality.

He points out how “reality” has become a concept of the “radical right”, in contrast to the ultra-left that denies reality more and more. He gave as an example the commentator Dave Rubin, a homosexual man who lives with a man and, while in California (the progressive utopia) he was declared an enemy of the state, the governor of Florida invited him to eat at his table and comments that, contrary to the leftist narrative, the word “gay” was said on several occasions.

However, faced with the panorama of Disney employees who demanded that the company position itself against the law, the corporation agreed to include a homosexual scene in a minor film (which it had previously edited).


Disney employees protest: “I will no longer be a pawn”

These episodes caused the weariness of the employed employees who do not agree with sexualizing children. In chorus they sang:

And I’m not going to shut up anymore

I’m gonna raise my voice and make some noise

I will no longer be a pawn

I’m going to make some noise


These employees join the boycott against Disney. After canceling his Disney vacation, one parent chided, “I just can’t invest $15,000 or more in a company that so blatantly ignores science and family entertainment.”

A meme circulates with Mickey Mouse passed out or caught in a mouse trap, after receiving notice that 350,000 Disney Plus users unsubscribed in five days. However, the figures have not yet been verified.

The campaign transcends the US Even a footballer from the Croatian national team announced the cancellation of his subscription, along with the message: Disney disgusting.

What is clear is that there is an open and explicit call to boycott Disney. One of the first to proclaim the cry was the commentator Candace Owens with 3 million followers on Twitter. He highlighted how they have openly admitted that their agenda is not secret. “This is the death of Disney,” he exclaimed.

Unlike the progressive left that advocates the culture of cancellation that leaves those who think differently without a voice, the right chooses not to consume its products.

And the creation of content suitable for minors is already underway by The Daily Wire, who injected 100 million capital for this purpose.

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